Saturday, March 24, 2007

blogswara 3rd album is out!!

Hey guys,

Blogswara's 3rd internet album just released!!!

It is a free internet album with free downloads of all songs. all the songs are by upcoming musicians, and are original compositions.

My song Lal Subah is in it.

For Lal Subah, the beautiful words were written by Sanjeev Sharma. The song was sung beautifully by my good friend Mohan Ananthakrishnan and the amazing Reecha Tripathi.
Sam Devasahayam added his masterful and groovy bass to the song and gave it personality.
Bharath Venkatesan from California was kind enough to help me with the final mastering of this song.
This is my first complete song, and I used this song to experience every part involved in the process of song production.. composition,arrangement,performing all the tracks,
recording and mixing. It has been a good learning experience for me.

Please go to and check out the album!

So once again, Blogswara 3 !!!




Mux said...

Let me be the first to congratulate on a great song! Lovely keytar leads and drumming. Great dynamics! I personally like the female version compared to the male version.
Good job Jay!

gumbals said...

Jay - LS is receiving great reviews and am happy to see that. One thing I'd like to try different in lal subah to see how it would sound if something similar to the outro is made the INTRO - and then end the intro with a crash to begin the song.. then it sets the stage for the song.. Just a thought... If easier you can experiment by just copying the outro over and see how the song starts.. ?? may be?

any way congratulations and hope you can contribute more in the future..


Krishnamurthy said...

Great song Jay. Loved the energy throught. Cannot belive the guitar was played on the keys!

sowmya said...

Excellent rendition..Best among three hindhi songs. Realy amazed to hear that you played it in the key board.

Thanks for the treat :)