Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lal Subah solo webcam video

Hi guys n gals,
I recorded a web cam video of me playing the guitar leads on the keyboard for my song lal subah.
this should answer the questions that some of you might have regarding how i played the solo for this song.
Jay Swaminathan
Solo track:

Arpeggio track:


Jo said...

That was nice Jay. I hope that this video will clear the doubts of anyone who might have thought that you used a real guitar and its impossible to play it on keyboard. :-)

Great job as usual!

Harshan said...

That was awesome ...thanks for sharing.

Mad Max said...

super cool dude...really really neat

Ranjith said...

that was superb.great work.all the best.

Siyaah said...

just wanted to complement you on some amazing work! keep it up. Lal subah was wonderful too.

Gauri said...

A friend had emailed this video to me. Seriously mind blowing! *goosebumps*